1.What sets Rowan Billing Services apart from other billing companies?

FOLLOW UP! Two different types of accounts receivable reports are worked each month in order to follow up on all outstanding claims. We are constantly checking to make sure your claims don't just sit there.

2.How quickly can we get set up?

This answer depends on which insurance carriers you are currently contracted with, but in most cases, we can get completely set up and begin filing claims for you in 5-7 business days.

3.Do I have to be contracted with all insurance companies in order for you to submit claims to them?

No, many plans do not require you to be in network. Large plans like Medicare, Medicaid and most HMOs require a provider contract in order to process your claims.

4.How do we send claims to you?

Just fax, mail, or SFTP the superbill and prescription/CMN for each patient and we'll enter and submit the claim within 24 hours of receipt.

5.What happens if I send you a claim and an important item is missing?

If a required piece of data is missing, we'll contact you right away for the answer.

6.Do you send all claims electronically?

We have the ability to file claims electronically to thousands of different payers! Almost all of our primary and supplemental claims are submitted electronically, which means you get paid faster!

7.When a claim is denied, what should we do?

We will contact the insurance and find out exactly why the claim was denied. If information is needed from you, we will contact you right away. Otherwise, we will process the denial and inform you if there is a problem we can't handle.

8.How am I billed for your services?

We will send you an invoice for our commission on the total collected along with an activity report at the end of each month.

9.Will Medicare and insurance pay RBS?

No, Medicare and insurance will mail checks to you or electronically deposit payments in your bank account, depending on your set up.

10.After all insurance parties have responded and there is still a remaining balance, then what happens?

We will bill the patient for you for 3 consecutive months and if there is no response from the patient, we will offer to forward the account to a collection service. RBS will send the account for you so that you don't have to do anything. 

11.If my patient has a question about his/her bill, can he/she call you?

Yes! Our patient statements list our phone number, so the patient will know to contact us regarding a billing question.

12.Can Rowan Billing Services bill and process claims through my EHR system?

Yes, we can adapt quickly to most EHR systems.