We care about our customers. Choose the best!


Our commitment to our clients is simple. We will deliver first class service throughout the entire claims reimbursement process. From beginning to end we are there with you. You will know the disposition of your claims constantly.


Rowan Billing Services is a small, private medical billing service located in the heart of historic Salisbury NC. We specialize in the delivery of rapid, customized medical billing solutions for medical practices and related businesses.

Whether you are a small single person practice requiring just a few claims to be filed per month, or a large medical facility requiring several thousand claims, we can help. Our staff of highly trained and certified professionals can and will make the entire process of claims reimbursement a seamless integrated activity freeing your time to focus on the needs of your patients.

Our services are designed to be rapidly deployed and customized to meet the needs of each individual client. Our team believes that each customer is unique and because of this we tailor each billing solution to meet the needs of the client. We do not try to mold the client to a specific program.

We deliver! Our network includes in excess of one thousand insurance companies. Your claims will be established with the carrier electronically allowing for the fastest possible recovery of funds.

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Are you tired of unanswered calls, emails, and faxes? Are you tired of endless hours on hold?

We understand that client relationships are the key to any successful venture, and that is why we are 100% client centric in our service delivery. When our clients have a question or require assistance we are there. Your phone calls, emails, faxes are all answered immediately.

We build relationships that last decades not months. When you need us, we are here no matter what the issue may be.