Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Rowan Billing Services apart from other billing companies?

FOLLOW UP!  We are constantly checking to make sure your claims don’t just sit there.  We get on the phone with the insurance companies and get answers to your questions

How quickly can we get started?
This answer depends on which insurance carriers you are currently contracting with, but in most cases, we can get completely set up and begin filing claims for you in 2-3 business days.
Can Rowan Billing Services bill and process claims through my EHR system?
Yes, we can adapt quickly to most EHR systems.
Do I have to be contracted with all insurance companies for you to submit claims to them?
No, many plans do not require you to be in network.  Large plans like Medicare, Medicaid and most HMOs require a provider contract to process your claims.
Does Rowan Billing Services handle insurance contracting and credentialing?
Yes, we handle all provider enrollments from A to Z.
Does my office have to check eligibility and benefits?
No, we check eligibility, benefits, deductibles, and obtain any necessary authorizations.
What happens if I send a claim and an important item is missing?
If a required piece of data is missing or invalid, we’ll contact you right away for the answer.
When a claim is denied, what should we do?
We will contact the insurance and find out exactly why the claim was denied.  If information is needed from you, we will contact you right away.  Otherwise, we will process the denial and inform you if there is a problem we can’t handle.
Will the insurance companies pay Rowan Billing Services?
No, insurance companies will mail checks to you or electronically deposit payments in your bank account, depending on your contract with each carrier.